“Memory Happens” or “The Art Of Memory”

An art project in aid of preserving the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Objective: The Preservation Of The Old Tower
Twelve participating artists will each create a work of art that reflects on the value of this church for Germany, Europe and the world, both historically and within the context of art history. These artworks, created specifically for the project, will be auctioned and the resulting funds used for the restoration of the ruined tower of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The participating artists have generously agreed to donate their artwork for this purpose. Background
Artist Emily Pütter was commissioned by The Berliner Bank to paint a large format work of the Memorial Church. The painting was subsequently auctioned at the Berliner Bank’s New Year reception (2008) with a view to raising funds for the old tower. The auction of the work raised 7’500 Euros and received considerable coverage the Berliner press. (Die Welt: 21.01.08, Berliner Morgenpost: 24.01.08). From this success came the idea of a further exhibition and auction in which twelve international artists would be invited to participate. Emily Pütter committed herself to organizing this event in cooperation with Factory Berlin. 

Reflections On The Tower
The ruined tower of the old KWG Church has a place in the hearts of the Berliner people. The landmark, affectionately named the hollow tooth, suffered extensive damage during an Allied air raid in 1943. It remains a significant war ruin to this day, serving as a so-called “Generationsruine“: Every generation should contribute to the conservation of the tower in order to preserve it as an important symbol for future generations. Those questioned about the associations triggered by the landmark spontaneously remark, “a symbol against war” or “the second world war” or “Berlin”, without being able to give further specific detail. It is this generality that prompted the idea of bringing the tower back into focus through a broader outside perspective, and to newly articulate its symbolism from a fresh vantage point. The campaign for the preservation of the tower began under the working title  “ A church tower that moves.” This title engenders questions such as: Who is moved by this tower? In what way does it move us? The project searches for answers to these questions by pursuing diverse international perspectives on the tower. «12 Perspectives + 1»
International artists from different regions and religions of the world, of different ages, and with contrasting viewpoints, have undertaken to create a work in which this symbol is explored. The artists have a free reign to develop their work in whichever direction they wish. The resulting works offer unique perspectives on an outstanding landmark, which is itself in a state of constant change. It is anticipated that the contributions from artists of different nationalities will kindle a process of reappraisal and stimulate wider discussion.  

The selected artists (see below) have established careers both in their country of origin as well as internationally. They come from England, United States of America, Spain, Italy, Russia, Poland, Korea, Argentina, Turkey, Austria and the former GDR. Each of them will create a work especially for this occasion, drawing on their own highly personal encounter with this historical building and its significance. Exhibition Of The 12 + 1 ArtworksEiermann Chapel Of The Kaiser-Wilhelm- Gedächtniskirche From the beginning of September the resulting works will be exhibited in the Eiermann Chapel of the Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial Church. The exhibition will be open to the public for two weeks. 

A Site Specific Intervention By Emily Pütter: Eiermann Chapel, It is with the intention of alerting the casual passer-by to the fact that an unusual event is taking place within the chapel that has prompted the idea to create an exterior intervention with reference to the theme, history and site of the chapel. Emily Pütter will carry out this work. Auction Of The 12 + 1 ArtworksThe auction will be carried out in a public arena by Christies auction house.In addition, a further 12 artists and their galleries have agreed to donate a work for auction, thus doubling the potential for generating revenue. (These additional works do not necessarily have a direct reference to the theme of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church). Accompanying ActivitiesGalleries in Berlin Mitte will be exhibiting further works from the 12 invited international artists. This offers the viewer the possibility to gain a wider understanding of the participating artists and their work. The galleries will host additional events such as interviews with the artists. Gallerist Luca Guiseppe Carrieri („AB – Project Gallery“ Torstr. 96, Berlin), Alejandro Villalon, (Galerie Siguaraya, Kleine Hamburgerstr. 2, Berlin), and Julia Raab (Galerie Raab, Fasanenstr. 27, Berlin) are all taking part. Each gallery has agreed to donate 10% of exhibition sales to the old tower. 12 Artists, 1 Poet; 12 Months, 1 Calendar -Offering An Art Historical And Poetic ContextArt historian Anke Schuster (Berlin Atelierhaus79 und Künstlerhaus Bethanien) will compile texts about the individual artists. Her writings will be published in conjunction with reproductions of the artworks, in the form of a calendar. The diverse perspectives and approaches to the project will thus be set in a wider intellectual context. Mrs. Schuster has generously consented to work in an honorary capacity for the project.   

Musical Premier: Composition From T.R.O.The opening event will feature a musical composition with spoken word from Antonio Bueno Tubia’s „painted“ poem; „Space cello” by Leo Königsberg and live-electronics by Christian Glass. The contemporary music featuring spoken passages in various languages Timetable Of Events Opening: 04.09.2008 Venue: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche T.R.O. Concert * Venue: Old Towerwww.myspace.com/tiefenrauschorchester 

Translation by Rachel Lumsden